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Starch Cooking

Week 5 October 4, 2008 Who knew that after sampling 22 different starch preparations that the preparation of various starches makes a big difference in taste. […]

Plate Presentation

I wish I had taken a photo of my face when I heard our assignment today. We were given a stack of papers with recipes for […]

Week 3: Major cooking techniques

  Although this food in this photo may not look that appetizing to you, trust me, it was delicious. For major cooking techniques we learned to […]

Week 2: Mise en place and stock

Week 2: Mise en place and Stock: (and knife skills practice) In cooking everything has a place and must be in the right place before you […]

Week 1: Knife Skills

Wearing the chef uniform for the first time was quite an experience, but following all the instructions in the first 5 hour class was even more […]

Preparing for Culinary School

I attended orientation last week and received my chef coat, text book, and policy manual that sounds a lot like military boot camp–no jewelry, no nail […]

Preparing for culinary school

I have decided to enroll in the Culinary School of Fort Worth. The school offers a professional culinary arts program consisting of five 15 week courses. […]