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Working at an event: Sunday Brunch, October 5, 2008

One of the requirements of culinary school is to work between 22-28 hours during the 14 week course. I signed up for 3 different events, the first one being the brunch, Oct 5, at the school. People can call in for reservations or just come to the school. I showed up at 7 AM, not […]

Starch Cooking

Week 5 October 4, 2008 Who knew that after sampling 22 different starch preparations that the preparation of various starches makes a big difference in taste. I learned that mashed potatoes made with steamed yukon gold potatoes taste much, much better than mashed potatoes made with boiled Russet potatoes. Steamed corn is more flavorful than […]

Plate Presentation

I wish I had taken a photo of my face when I heard our assignment today. We were given a stack of papers with recipes for the following:Pan-fried trout with toasted garlicBrennan’s red-wine and mushroom sauceBasic simmered riceRoast Cornish game hen with wild rice stuffingCountry Braised chickenTomato concasseTeriyaki salmon with pineapple-papaya salsaWe were told to […]

Week 3: Major cooking techniques

  Although this food in this photo may not look that appetizing to you, trust me, it was delicious. For major cooking techniques we learned to sear, saute, pan-fry, grill, roast, deep fry, braise, poach, simmer and steam. We had to grill pork, roast chicken legs, braise chicken thighs, sear a pork chop, pan fry […]

Week 2: Mise en place and stock

Week 2: Mise en place and Stock: (and knife skills practice) In cooking everything has a place and must be in the right place before you start cooking. I guess that’s why Rachel Ray always gathers up her giant armful of stuff and brings it to the counter before she starts cooking. I always just […]

Week 1: Knife Skills

Wearing the chef uniform for the first time was quite an experience, but following all the instructions in the first 5 hour class was even more challenging. They don’t fool around at the school. I hadn’t heard so many rules since Air Force basic training, and that was in 1973 when I was 19. Within […]

Preparing for Culinary School

I attended orientation last week and received my chef coat, text book, and policy manual that sounds a lot like military boot camp–no jewelry, no nail polish, no earrings, and no cell phone AND always be 100% in uniform while at the school. I will be going every Saturday for the next 14 weeks and […]

Preparing for culinary school

I have decided to enroll in the Culinary School of Fort Worth. The school offers a professional culinary arts program consisting of five 15 week courses. At the end of the year and a half I will recieve a culinary certificate if I complete all the requirements. If I decide to take the pastry arts […]