I’m away from home on a deployment to Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico. It’s been a break from cooking and unfortunately, a break from good eating. I’m staying in the Inn of the Mountain Gods, a beautiful lodge with two restaurants–a huge buffet affair and a fancy steak house. One meal at the buffet was enough–not bad food but too much of everything and nothing is great. Food is not the focus of this trip anyway–this is all about my real job, mental health services, so I was not expecting to have great food experience anyway.
I did find one great place to eat, El Comal, a very small place on Sudderth in Ruidoso, a few miles from the inn. Only a few tables in this tiny place where the chips are cooked after the customers come in and order. Homemade salsa, homemade tortillas, and everything fresh, fresh, fresh.
The mole was the best I’ve ever tasted but it was ordered by Maurice, one of the deployment team members. I ordered chicken fajitas but they were kind of boring compared to the mole.
Also, the chicken tortilla soup was very tasty and well seasoned. I have to go back again.
Other meals at chain sandwich shops are fine and a soup/salad at Cattle Baron Steak/Seafood was fine, but after 4 days away from food I’m starting to wish I could make some spicy Thai food or have simple Japanese meal. I am enjoying a break away from the kitchen though and my hands are so soft and smooth, a nice side effect.