I have decided to enroll in the Culinary School of Fort Worth. The school offers a professional culinary arts program consisting of five 15 week courses. At the end of the year and a half I will recieve a culinary certificate if I complete all the requirements. If I decide to take the pastry arts program I would recieve a pastry chef certificate instead. I’m not sure yet which direction I’ll be taking. Why culinary school? I have been a social worker and private practice psycho therapist since I graduated with my MSW in 1982 and will have 30 years of active duty in the uniformed services and military in 2015 when I plan to retire. I love cooking, reading about it, watching people cook, sampling all types of cuisines, and always look forward to preparing all types of food, from meals to cakes. One day I may work in a food business, either a restaurant, personal chef or catering business, or teaching classes. Or I may just keep cooking for fun, but the culinary education will prepare me for whatever direction this interest takes. My family and friends are all happy for me and have all agreed to sample any experiments.
Wish me luck!