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Plant-Based Pizza


Zoom Class:  Plant-Based Pizza

All recipes are plant-based and oil-free.

This is by far one of the most popular classes I’ve taught, both in person and on-line. In this class I will show you how to make a simple whole grain pizza dough from scratch, along with sauce options such as tomato sauce and pesto. If you don’t want to use from-scratch pizza crust you can use crusts purchased from the grocery store or on-line.
Toppings include cashew mozzarella which we will shred like pizza cheese, tofu Italian sausage, shaved vegetables, and numerous other toppings. We will make:
Tex Mex Pizza with green chiles
Classic Pizza with plant cheese and tofu sausage
All The Veggies Pizza
and other combinations such as
Potato Leek
Artichoke Garlic
Corn and Tofu Chorizo with Cilantro and Lime
Brussels and Balsamic with air-fried mushrooms
You will learn how to use a pizza. stone stone, pizza peel, oven and outside grill to cook your pizza.
I’ve had so many people tell me they made pizzas for friends and family after taking this class. I love that we can make plant-based no oil pizzas with whole grain crust that taste so good.
I think you’ll really enjoy the class and use the easy techniques and recipes for years to come.