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The Best Plant-Based Bean Recipes of 2021


Zoom Class:  The Best Plant-Based Bean Recipes of 2021

I have a weekly ‘ Bean of the Week’ Livestream on Chef Julia Facebook page where I share the bean recipe I’m cooking for the day.  I’ve compiled the best recipes of 2021 for this class along with my top bread recipe.

My Best Beans class features four of my favorite recipes and will include a section on how to make basic beans as well. All recipes are whole food plant-based and oil-free.

These are new recipes I have not made in other classes or on bean of the week.

These recipes are great for holiday entrees or can be simplified for everyday meals. The flavors are complex and satisfying.
Loaded Bean Cornbread (light, moist cornbread loaded with veggies and beans)
Smoked Santa Maria Pinquito(or any bean you desire), baked in the oven, and finished on a smoker or grill for a unique flavor
Celebrations Beans & Grains with Christmas Lima Beans(or any bean you prefer), brown rice, vegetables, dressing, toppings make a beautiful entree or dish to share at a special gathering.
White Beans (Alubia Blanca or any white bean) with crispy roasted potatoes and Spanish Romesco Sauce, a flavorful roasted red bell pepper, and almond sauce.