I am now studying for the final exam, a written test and practical exam. I’ll write about it next week. In the meantime I’m working on the website for my personal chef business and planning to continue my blog with a shift in focus. I’ll be free to write about anything–and that’s a nice thought. I have so many things to write about I don’t know where to start, but I’ll probably begin with my family. This Thanksgiving, my son Glenn remarked that the holiday meal was OK, but nothing all that special since he eats so many of my “gourmet” meals regularly. I had a good laugh over that. My husband, however, proclaimed that the ham was the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner. I made a cheese ball with applewood smoked bacon, fresh cranberry sauce, Garnet yam puree, mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing with my own cornbread, salt & herb crusted fresh turkey, a corn casserole, fresh green beans with my own mushroom cream sauce, and pumpkin and apple pies, from scratch. The delicious ham was simply heated in the oven right out of the package and came from Sam’s!
Oh well, you can’t please everyone. At times like this I really miss my mother, a big fan of all things Thanksgiving. She would have loved it all.
I plan to write in detail about my family growing up. It is an opportunity to reach back in time, through food, to touch my loved ones.