Week 5
October 4, 2008
Who knew that after sampling 22 different starch preparations that the preparation of various starches makes a big difference in taste.
I learned that mashed potatoes made with steamed yukon gold potatoes taste much, much better than mashed potatoes made with boiled Russet potatoes. Steamed corn is more flavorful than boiled corn and roasted corn tastes better if the silk is removed (to me, anyway).
After all these years of cooking I never knew that “mealy” potatoes, such as Russets shouldn’t be used for everything. No wonder they fell apart when I tried to use them occasionally to make my mother’s famous potato salad. My version tasted more like mashed potato salad.
Now I know.
Rice is very hard to make at the cooking school. The burner shuts off, or is mysteriously turned on when you don’t know it. In any event, it turned out gummy and nasty again, however I learned that we can bake it in the oven and that version was great. The rice cooker is even better but that might not always be available.
Notice the photo of the pasta machine. Well, I purchased that today after learning to make fresh pasta in class. I couldn’t believe how much better the fresh pasta tasted and how easy (well, everything is relative) it is to make. Can’t wait to try it!
Last, but not least, there is a photo of my partners in crime, Robert and Penni. We have been working together the past two weeks. They are great partners because they both are low-key, nice, work hard, and we just get along well. I have enjoyed working with them.
Well, it’s 5 AM, Sunday morning and I’m off to work my first internship event, the Sunday brunch at the Culinary School. I may either be assigned to work in the kitchen or dining room, so I’m a little nervous. I waited on tables as a teen, but then went to college and grad school so I could become a “professional”. Should be interesting…….