Chef Julia has been the silver lining in our WFPB lifestyle since the very beginning of our journey in Oct 2018. Hers were the Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner recipes I made for our first holidays eating this way. Chef Julia’s always there to help, support and gently suggest new ways to stay on this journey for the rest of our lives, which because we’re eating this way will hopefully be longer as we know we are healthier. She’s candid, honest and humble. We are not perfect, but we all try our best to eat and do better each day. She’s always creating new recipes and flavors for foods we never would have tried or paired together without her relentless testing to get a recipe just right. I’ve made foods for my husband he never would have eaten without her tasty recipes. She teaches more than a cooking class, in every class she gives so much advice and help along with creating the recipes. I admire her dedication and gentle spirit, she learns more about eating this way and helps us all to do better. I doubt we’d be as energized about the benefits of eating this way without her advice, knowledge, example and her amazing & creative recipes, videos and classes. I’m a much better cook, though some days I don’t always want to cook, because of her! Her “support” group is just that, a network of great support to help you & pick you up when you need it. No judgement, no negative comments just support, help & advice.