“ I am so glad I participated in Chef Julia’s 12-week challenge group! It was just what I needed to develop the habits and knowledge so that I can make the whole food plant-based daily dozen my lifestyle going forward. I finally feel like I have the road map for a sustainable way of eating that supports my health and my values.

Julia’s personal attention, encouragement, and valuable insights really made the difference, and chatting at our weekly group meetings was great for keeping us on track. Food was delicious too so no sacrifice was needed! “
Feeling so much better mentally and physically!
Results after 12 weeks:
– Loss of 15lbs
– Loss of 12 inches
– Blood pressure reduced from 143/95 to 125/72
– Gained greater mental clarity and energy
I plan to maintain this lifestyle and look forward to further health benefits as I continue on this path.
Thank you, Chef Julia!